New Mexico CoCoRaHS Precipitation Program

Are you interested in the weather and climate of New Mexico? Would you like to contribute to the body of knowledge about weather in your area? Do you have five minutes a day to devote to observing the weather?

We'd like you to encourage you to join the CoCoRaHS network of volunteer precipitation observers. It's a fun and easy way to keep track of the precipitation falling (or not falling) in your backyard, and it allows you to contribute to a valuable national source of weather information.

Current Precipitation

Precipitation is usually reported by our volunteer observers in the morning. CoCoRaHS prefers the observations be reported at 7AM. Below is map of the yesterday's precipitation from observations reported between 5AM and 10AM.

Precipitation Report Counts

Since 2005, New Mexico has been a member of the CoCoRaHS network. Volunteers may submit either one single-day or one multi-day precipitation report per day. The following bar charts show the current number of reports submitted, broken down by year, month, and day.

Per Year

Last 12 Months

Last 30 Days

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Spanish Information

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